Our Services - Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) for Fostering

From our experience the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) is a costly and time wasting process which has dubious and mixed results in the provision of Fostering Services.  Including panel fees and staff time and resources we estimate that each IRM panel costs providers in excess of £3,500 (not to mention the £6,500 government subsidy paid to IRM for each case).  The difficulties providers face is that IRM works to National Minimum Standards, whilst agencies are always striving to exceed national minimum standards.

Our aim is to help Fostering Providers avoid the IRM in the first place. To do this we recommend seeking consultation with CSC prior to starting the deregistration process with any carers. However, we can also support agencies through the IRM process once a case has been appealed.

We also have experience of challenging IRM through it’s complaints process and then winning the subsequent Parliamentary Ombudsman appeal and can advise agencies of the process should they feel a sufficiently poor recommendation by IRM or an injustice.