Our Services - Safeguarding

Issues of Safeguarding, Risk Assessment and Notification are one of the most common reasons agencies fail during Ofsted inspections. A situation not helped by a lack of guidance from Ofsted and inconsistencies amongst inspectors. However, Ofsted are correct to highlight these shortfalls as they can have a direct bearing on the safeguarding and welfare of young people. Get this wrong and young people can can to harm.

In our experience at CSC a lot of agencies over report on their notifications, notify the wrong external agencies, have poor procedural guidance and fail to use details from events to help guide and direct their services as required by Ofsted.

At CSC we have a great deal of experience in helping to guide and direct agencies in setting up good systems for monitoring, reporting and assessing risk. We have a number of tools our clients can access which help them fulfil their statutory responsibilities in managing safeguarding and monitoring and thereby providing an effective safe service for the young people they look after.

CSC also provide a telephone service to a number of agencies where we provide advice and guidance on managing safeguarding events to help ensure the situations are dealt with proportionately and effectively.